Workshop on Physics at the First Muon Collider
and at the
Front End of a Muon Collider

November 6 - 9, 1997
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, Illinois USA

Workshop Plenary Talks

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Thursday November 6th

 Muon Collider: Introduction and Status                 R.Palmer
 Physics with the Muon Collider                         J.Gunion

*Stopped Muons, Rare Decays, and Low Energy Hadrons     W.Marciano
*Neutrino Physics and DIS                               P.Spentzouris

*Accelerator Scenario and Parameters for the Workshop   C.Ankenbrandt

Friday November 7th

    *Intermediate Energy Physics                         G.Franklin 

Saturday November 8th

 Introduction to Supersymmetry and SUSY at the  LHC      F.Paige 
Supersymmetry vis-a-vis Muon Colliders                   V.Barger 
*Recent Developments in String Theory                    E.Witten

Sunday November 9th: Working Group Summaries

*Accelerator Working Group                                R.Noble 
*Physics with Low Energy Hadrons                          L.Littenberg
*Neutrino Physics: Theory                                 B.Kayser 
*Neutrino Physics: Experiment                             P.Fisher
*Stopped Muon Physics                                     W.Molzon 
*Deep Inelastic Scattering                                H.Schellman 
*Z0 Factory Physics                                       M.Demarteau
*Higgs Factory Physics                                    T.Han 
*SUSY Searches and Measurements                           M.Carena 
*Strong Dynamics                                          P.Bhat 
*ttbar Factory                                            M.Berger
*Workshop Summary                                         C.Quigg 

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