FMC Test Mezzanine

12VDC Aux Power

The FMC connector limits the mezzanine power to approximately 35W. Higher power mezzanines may use the auxillary 12VDC power pins present on the Pulsar2b board. If used, mezzanines should use a two pin 0.1" header, SAMTEC TSW-102-07-G-S or equivalent.

Mezzanine mechanical drawing. Note: this drawing is for a single-wide mezzanine. For double-wide mezzanine cards the designer should know that the Pulsar II boards are designed with a 75mm mezzanine card pitch.

Pulsar IIb detail 1
Another view of the Pulsar IIb
Mezzanine detail
Another view of the mezzanine
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Jamieson Olsen
modified 5 March 2014