Infrastructure and Support Publications

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Design and operation of LongBo: a 2 m long drift liquid argon TPC
C. Bromberg, B. Carls, D. Edmunds, A. Hahn, W. Jaskierny, H. Jostlein, C. Kendziora, S. Lockwitz, B. Pahlka, S. Pordes B. Rebel, D. Shooltz, M. Stancari, T. Tope, T. Yang (3Apr2015)


Scalability, scintillation readout and charge drift in a kilogram scale solid xenon particle detector
J. Yoo, H. Cease, W.F. Jaskierny, D. Markley, R.B. Pahlka, D. Balakishiyeva, T. Saab, M. Filipenko (27Oct2014)

The Liquid Argon Purity Demonstrator
M. Adamowski, B. Carls, E. Dvorak, A. Hahn, W. Jaskierny, C. Johnson, H. Jostlein, C. Kendziora, S. Lockwitz, B. Pahlka R. Plunkett, S. Pordes, B. Rebel, R. Schmitt, M. Stancari, T. Tope, E. Voirin, T. Yang (31Mar2014)



Purification of Argon from a Diluted Stream
D. Montanari, A. Alton, H.O. Back, R.P. Davis, C. Galbiati, K.L. Hardin, W.F. Jaskierny, C.L. Kendziora, B. Loer, W.E. Miner, P.J. Mosteiro, S.H. Pordes, P. Subbarao (26Jul2012)

The Dark Energy Camera readout system
T.Shaw, O.Ballester, L.Cardiel-Sas, J.Castilla, S.Chappa, J.deVicente, S.Holm, D.Huffman, M.Kozlovsky, G.Martinez, T.Moore, J.Olsen, V.Simaitis, W.Stuermer (30Oct2012)

Long-term Running Experience with the Silicon Micro-strip Tracker at the D0 Detector
A.W.Jung, M.Cherry, D.Edmunds, M.Johnson, M.Matulik, M.Utes, T.Zmuda (27Feb2012)


Results from the Fermilab materials test stand and status of the liquid argon purity demonstrator
B. Rebel, M. Adamowski, W. Jaskierny, H. Jostlein, C. Kendziora, R. Plunkett, S. Pordes, R. Schmitt, T. Tope, T. Yang (10Aug2011)


System Architecture of the Dark Energy Survey Camera Readout Electronics
T.Shaw, O.Ballester, L.Cardiel-Sas, J.Castilla, S.Chappa, Vicente, S.Holm, D.Huffman, M.Kozlovsky, G.Martinez, T.Moore, J.Olsen, V.Simaitis, W.Stuermer (21Jul2010)


A system to test the effects of materials on the electron drift lifetime in liquid argon and observations on the effect of water
R. Andrews, W. Jaskierny, H. Jostlein, C. Kendziora, S. Pordes, T. Tope (31Aug2009)

A Regenerable Filter for Liquid Argon Purification
A. Curioni, B.T. Fleming, W. Jaskierny, C. Kendziora, J. Krider, S. Pordes, Mitchell Paul Soderberg, J. Spitz, T. Tope, T. Wongjirad (12Mar2009)



Work at FNAL to achieve long electron drift lifetime in liquid argon
D. Finley, W. Jaskierny, C. Kendziora, J. Krider, S. Pordes, P.A. Rapidis, T.Tope (10May2007)

test of purging a small tank with argon
W. Jaskierny, H. Jostlein, S.H. Pordes, P.A. Rapidis, T. Tope (10May2007)



Electrical properties of carbon fiber support systems
W. Cooper, C. Daly, M. Demarteau, J. Fast, K. Hanagaki, M. Johnson, W. Kuykendall, H. Lubatti, M. Matulik, A. Nomerotski B. Quinn, J. Wang (19Apr2005)

A 96-channel FPGA-based time-to-digital converter
M.Bogdan, H.J. Frisch, M.Heintz, A.Paramonov, H.Sanders, S.Chappa, R.DeMaat, R.Klein, T. Miao, P.J. Wilson, T.J. Phillips (14Feb2005)


New 30 kA power system at Fermilab and its use for measuring the effects of ripple current on the performance of superconducting high field magnets
R. Carcagno, S. Feher, J. Garvey, W. Jaskierny, M. Lamm, A. Makulski, D.F. Orris, H. Pfeffer, M. Tartaglia, J. Tompkins, D. Wolff (20Dec2004)



Calorimeter Process Variable Archiving
David Huffman (14Jan2002)




MINOS test toroid magnetic measurements
Robert C. Trendler, Walter F. Jaskierny (8Mar1999)


D0 Central Tracking Solenoid Energizatino, Controls, Interlocks and Quench Protection Initial Validation Procedures
W. Jaskierny, R. Hance (27Jan1998)

before 1998

Measurement of the D0 WAMUS magnet inductance
A. Kristalinski, R. Hance, W. Jaskierny (12Jan1995)

Procedure to determine the two channel timing measurement accuracy and precision of a digital oscilloscope
M. Johnson, M. Matulik (19Dec1994)

A Magnetically coupled quench detector for superconducting magnets
W. Jaskierny, A. Kristalinski, A.T. Visser (26Jan1994)

The Simulation of a data acquisition system for a proposed high resolution PET scanner
C. Rotolo, M. Larwill, S. Chappa (Fermilab) , C. Ordonez (5Nov1993)

Energy discharge heater power supply: FNAL drawing #1670-EC-307031/307032
Walter Jaskierny (1Apr1993)

A Working, VME based, 106-MHz FADC data acquisition system for the tracking detectors at D0
Robert D. Angstadt, B. Chase, B. Fellenz, M. Johnson, M. Martin, M. Matulik, G. Saewert, M. Utes, D. DeGroot (9Mar1993)

Precision calibration of calorimeter electronics in the D0 liquid argon / uranium particle detector
David Huffman (14Feb1992)

The Design of a hardware testing system for the D0 detector
Robert D. Angstadt, M.E. Johnson, M.I. Martin, M.S. Matulik, M. Utes (13Jan1992)

The Fermilab D0 master clock system
C. Rotolo, M. Fachin, S. Chappa, M. Rauch, C. Needles, A. Dyer (26Dec1991)

Transrex 500-kW power supply transductor upgrades
W. Jaskierny (23May1991)