Alignment and Metrology Department Glossary


The process by which an item is adjusted into an ideal design position.

Alignment Lug
A round metal disk attached to a component that is known with respect to a given point or location within the component. Many TeV components have these installed.


Bar Code Rod
Any of various length rods having a barcode scale in a vertical direction typically used for doing level runs. 2 meter and 3 meter lengths are commonly us ed at Fermilab. See picture

Typically a floor installed horizontal reference mark. Approximately 1<94> in diameter screwed into an anchor that is drilled into a concret floor, wall or ceiling. A small punch mark is installed in the brass at the desired location.


Crew Chief
The person in charge of other individual survey party members.


Digital Level
An instrument used to do work along a vertical plane, with gravity as the reference, reading barcode scales or rods off of the points or surfaces of interest. See picture

Dijak Bolt
A bolt modified in design to accept various 1/4" pin style fixtures used for optical tooling alignment as well as laser tracker alignment. See picture

Deep Rod Monument (DRM)
DRM primarily used for vertical reference, this monument is a series of aluminum rods screwed together and driven into the earth unto refusal. The uppermost end of the rod is then measured with respect to a vertical datum in the area. This type of monument is installed as an outdoor, as well as an indoor means of vertical control. See picture


A device or mark that has been measured, and is known with respect to some other design point or location.


The geologic science of the size and shape of the earth


Kyjak Bolt
A hybrid of the Dijak Bolt having a concave surface, with a magnet to hold a 1.5" sphere. See picture


Laser Tracker (Tracker)
A Laser Tracker is a device that makes 3-D measurements, capable of very high accuracy, and is used in setting up control networks, measuring / referencing components, and final alignment of components in the beam lines. Trackers use a laser distance meter, two precision encoders and sophisticated proprietary software to calculate, store and display the 3-D position of a mirrored target (SMR or BMR or Retro probe). A beam steering system senses movement of the mirrored target and directs two servomotors to track the target. The tracker follows the mirrored target over features, updating the position at a rate of 1,000 times per second. The abundance of data collected yields good statistical redundancy, permitting excellent accuracy and repeatability. See picture


Mekometer (Meko)
"ME5000" distance measuring instrument design by Kern, a Switzerland based instrument company. See picture

The science that deals with measurement. A system of measurement.

Meterology (Mets)
Mets is short for "meteorology" information. Temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure affect different elements and need to be considered for accurate measurement results.


N3 Level
An optical instrument used to measure a point along a vertical plane with gravity as a reference. See picture


Optical square
A way to set up instruments, where the lines of sight are parallel, and perpendicular to each other. See picture


A measuring stick or a leveling rod. See picture


Spherically Mounted Reflector (SMR)
SMR also known as a Ball Mounted Reflector (BMR) used with a laser-producing instrument to measure distance and angles from a known reference network of control points. See picture


A surveying instrument used to measure horizontal and vertical angles with a small telescope that can move in horizontal and vertical planes.

I device typically installed in a concrete wall that is used as a known reference point for a vertical measurement. These also have a horizontal, and stationing value that can also be used. See picture

An instrument or tool used for measurement, similar to a theodolite, that measures horizontal and vertical angles.


A system of measurement designed by "Geodetic Services" in industrial photogrammetry. This system uses digital camera, specialized software, and light reflecting targeting to make measurements using triangulation. See picture


Wyteface scale
A "scale" marked off with inches, and tenths of inches, having a white face, with black markings, on hardened tool steel. These come in 3", 10" 20" and 40" lengths. Also have been cutoff to desired length for specific jobs. These are a valuable component of the optical tooling process. See picture


The horizontal component value of a point.


The distance along a line, sometimes known as stationing along the beam.


The vertical component value of a point.

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