ASIC Group


The role of the ASIC Developement Group is to provide integrated circuits for detectors to run experiments and provide R&D on detectors for the future (develop strategic solutions and establish reference).

The ASIC group has several ASIC designers, including a few with PhDs, a few senior-leader engineers, some pursuing a PhD and an engineer providing maintenance of CAD/EDA tools, licenses, scripts, etc. The ASIC testing consists of a senior test engineer, an engineering associate, a couple of technicians, an Applications Physicist, and a PCB drafter.

The acquisition of projects are usually brought directly to the Group by/from physicists involved in experiments started internally or in response to external requests based upon the reputation of the group and portfolio of explored technologies in response to project calls (DOE-BES).

Areas of operation consists primarily in instrumentation for HEP and secondarily where synergies present and where appropriate. Such as leverage technologies for other fields and work through collaborations (domestic: ANL, BNL, SLAC, southern Methodist University, UPenn, NWU internationally: CERN, AGH-UST Krakow Poland, University of Bergamo Italy).