Technical Scope of Work

Proposing an Experiment, Research or a Test at Fermilab

When proposing an experiment, research, or a test at Fermilab, the effort must be documented using the Technical Scope of Work (TSW). The TSW describes the effort in detail including physics goals, necessary resources (engineering, technical, etc.), real estate requirements (including office area), and infrastructure needs. A TSW is a written plan put in place to establish a clear understanding of how the effort will practically function and the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the effort. The TSW also allows Fermilab to understand the great efforts that occur around the lab and provides the agreed-upon resources to those efforts. The TSW is not considered proprietary information and is publicly released. The TSW Policy can be found here: TSW Policy Process

Download a Template TSW:
If your effort requires particle beam use Beam TSW Template
All other efforts use No Beam TSW Template

The spokesperson is the official contact of the effort and is responsible for forwarding all relevant information to the rest of the group, arranging for their training, and getting the necessary approvals for operations. Once all equipment is installed and prior to operations, the spokesperson will arrange for an ES&H review of the equipment. This is called the Operational Readiness Clearance (ORC).

The ORC is a review of the installed equipment and its compliance with national, state, and local standards. Guidance for these standards as they apply to work at Fermilab can be found in the Fermilab Environmental, Safety and Health Manual (FESHM). The ORC inspection will look at electrical equipment (fusing, grounding, strain relief, etc.), mechanical and structural components (pressure vessels, vacuum vessels, lifting fixtures, supports structures, etc.), and fire and life safety (egress pathways, trip hazards, chemicals, etc.). There are also specialized committees that will be enacted for flammable gas installations (including targets) and installations utilizing cryogens.

Guidance on how to initiate the ORC process and what information to provide can be found here. If you have questions about the TSW or ORC process please contact the appropriate Division R&D Coordinator:

Particle Physics Divisions (PPD) - Erik Ramberg

Neutrino Division (ND) - Alan Hahn