Electrical Engineering Department


The Electrical Engineering Department in the Particle Physics Division supports a wide variety of experiments and High Energy Physics projects at Fermilab as well as projects at other locations. The department works on detector front-end electronics for experiments such as CDF, DZero, Minerva, DUNE, Mu2E, and CMS at CERN. Additional design work is also done on astrophysics projects such as Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Cryogenic Dark Matter Search, and Dark Energy Survey. Support is provided for starting new experiments in terms of consulting and infrastructure design. Long-term support is provided on most electronic aspects of the two current colliding beams experiments, CDF and DZero. When requested, EED also supports projects in the Beams Division relating to accelerator instrumentation.

Many design and support disciplines are available within EED. Engineering is available for digital, analog, ASIC, controls, systems, and power supply design. Skilled drafting resources are available for schematics, board layouts, construction drawings, mechanical drawings, and general documentation. Fabrication support is available for circuit boards, chassis, cables, surface mount assemblies, and various modules. Testing capabilities range from general board level testing to integrated circuit wafer level and packaged part testing. Most jobs are handled from design, through fabrication, testing, and installation.

A liaison or contact person in EED is chosen to interface with each experiment or project. This individual should be contacted regarding existing work or new work to be done. See the PROJECTS page for current assignments.