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Name: Monolithic Amorphous Silicon Diode Array Designer: T. Zimmerman
Readout chip(MASDA-X) Experiment:Flat panel medical X-ray imaging
Process: HP 0.5µ(rad hard) CMOS displays at U. of Michigan Hospitals
Febrication Date: April 2001 Size: 5.527 mm x 12.267 mm

MASDA-X2.jpg The MASDA-X is a 128 channel readout chip intended for peripheral attachment to a Megapixel amorphous silicon active pixel array. The chip accepts a + or - polarity input signal and has an 8 bit programmable charge transfer gain to accommodate a wide variety of input signals. Each channel has a sample and hold with DCS. The chip has a programmable bandwidth time constant from <.5 µs to >5 µs to allow for S/N optimization. The analog outputs are multiplexed either 16:1 or 64:1 to a 16 bit ADC. The chip has very low noise and is pipelined to avoid dead time in the image signal acquisition

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