Electrical Engineering Department


The Particle Physics Division Electrical Engineering Department provides support for a wide variety of High Energy Physics projects as well as many other science experiments. Our work is far-ranging and our products can be found at Fermilab, CERN and many other locations. The department works on detector front-end electronics, astrophysics, and other basic science experiments. Support is available for new experiments in terms of consulting and infrastructure design. Long-term support is available for any operating experiments. Many design and support disciplines are available within EED. Engineering expertise is available for digital, analog, ASIC, controls, systems, and power supply design. Skilled drafting resources are available for schematics, board layouts, construction drawings, mechanical drawings, and general documentation. Fabrication support is available for circuit boards, chassis, cables, surface mount assemblies, and various modules. Testing capabilities range from general board level testing to integrated circuit wafer level and packaged part testing. Most jobs are handled from design, through fabrication, testing, and installation.


ASIC Development

The ASIC group has several experienced engineers doing design and layout of analog, digital and mixed (analog/digital) circuits.

Services and capabilities:
  • Digital, analog and mixed Application Specific Integrated Circuit design
  • Radiation hard circuits >30 Mrads designed in commercial deep sub-micron processes
  • Development of 3D integrated circuits
  • Automated testing of ASICs at both the wafer and chip level
For more information, visit the ASIC Development page.



Detector Electronics

The Detector Electronics Group participates in all stages of the electronics development process. Project support can be provided for all aspects of electrical and electronics design. We will work with project scientists to develop functional requirements and specifications for electronics systems.

Services and capabilities:
  • System architecture design
  • Low noise circuit design
  • Printed Circuit Board design
  • Firmware design
  • Check-out, commissioning and maintenance of electronics modules.
For more information, visit the Detector Electronics page.



Infrastructure Support

The Infrastructure and Support Group provides support on the infrastructure aspects of projects from conceptual design through final implementation.

Services and capabilities:
  • Provide guidelines on
    • Electrical Design Standards
    • Cable Selection
    • Electrical Safety Reviews
    • Networked Design Tools
  • Design assistance for AC, DC, and high voltage power supply and distribution
  • Design of equipment cooling, rack protection, cabling
  • Electronics procurement and fabrication including prototyping, reworking, etc.
For more information, visit the Infrastructure Support page.